Thank you Temple Grandin

Thank you Temple Grandin, for being who you are and showing the world that Autism isn’t the end!

I’ve watched you being interviewed, and I really think it’s cool to watch. It’s cool to see the slightest sign of awkwardness and to know the reason behind it. I know you are a confident woman. I know you are educated. I know you are highly regarded in your field.  Most of all I know you have Autism. Some would say that I’m being mean when I say I can see the slight awkwardness, but really I’m not. I think it’s cool because it reminds me that my son can do anything too. He has Autism. He’s awkward. Sometimes he’s downright weird, but he’s a great kid! Watching you, hearing you speak, just reminds me again, that anything is possible.

Thank you so much for all that you do for those with Autism. You are paving the way for our kids to make a difference in this world. You are a success, and your success gives hope to me. I believe your success gives hopes to many moms and dads who have amazing children, that just happen to have Autism!

Here’s my boy in all of his wonderfulness!

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Taglines and Titles Blogging 101

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to evaluate our blog title and tagline, and possibly change it. Hmmmm…what to do? what to do?

Title: I think I’m keeping the title the same. Southern Girl in Arizona is who I am. I feel if I change it then it could limit me as far as the writing goes. This title allows me to encompass my whole life.

Tagline: Oh how I want to be clever! I thought of these:
-a taste of the South in Arizona (i thought that made it seem like a food blog)
-you can’t take the South out of the girl, even if she’s in Arizona (ehhhh..not sure)
-From the Deep South to the Sonoran Desert (that seems lame to me)
-Where the South meets the West (ehhhh)
-From the sticky South to the Dry heat of Arizona (again, lame???)

So my blogging friends..HELP!!! my husband has voted for the last one….

Allow me to Introduce myself

I joined a Blogging 101 WordPress group and this is my first assignment. So let me begin!
I’m Heather. I’m a stay at home mom, with three special needs kiddos. My husband is home too as he is now disabled. We live in Phoenix, AZ and moved her almost 3 years ago from Indiana, but I’m a Southern girl at heart! I love the South, and loved that I was born in the south and lived and went to college in the South! Yep, I’m a Southerner!

Why do I blog? Well I originally started to make a bigger connection to the world at large. I am an internet junkie and I like that a little ordinary blog can open up to the whole world!

I don’t keep a private journal mostly because I don’t have anything that I really keep private, and if I don’t want it aired out loud, now or someday, I don’t write it down! LOL

The topic I cover is basically just my life! I have a 9-year-old with Autism, so there’s several posts on that, my younger two are ADHD and I talk about that some. My kids are all adopted from foster care and that’s another topic I have covered. I have also covered weight loss and my struggle with that. yeah, basically my life! LOL

If my blog becomes successful I would take that as just making me mark on the world. I really want to do that! I don’t know why, but I do!

The End is sometimes the Beginning

I can’t think of how the story was supposed to end.  All the stars were aligned for it to be a happily every after.  Then one day cancer came.  The happily ever after became “we are going to beat this and make it through”, and life was fully focused on beating cancer.  That didn’t happen.  My friend Amy lost her battle with cancer 8 weeks ago.  I was sad, her friends were sad, but her husband was devastated.  How could he not be? This wasn’t the love story they had waited for.   Then Friday the story changed again, the husband died.  Suddenly, shockingly, he died.  Oh how I wish this was just a story, but it’s not.  It’s real life.  It happened to my friends Jeff and Amy.

Jeff and I had been friends since the early 90’s when we met at Lee College (now Lee University).  I honestly don’t remember how we met.  We didn’t have classes together, and he wasn’t in the music program.  I don’t know how we met, but we did.  It was part of God’s design.  He became my best friend.  I was crazy about him, totally “in love”, but we were just meant to be friends.  Best Friends.  We went to movies, stayed up late talking on the phone, chatting at the Student Union, we were together a lot.  He was the best part of college!  After I left Lee, we remained close friends.  He came to visit me in Indiana, and I went to Georgia to see him.  We went to Six Flags together and listened to great music and watched movies all weekend long.  He was the best!  He was funny, and smart and good looking and I was blessed to be his friend.

He and Amy didn’t have forever on this earth.  They were only married a couple of years.  Cancer separated them.  Jeff’s heart was completely broken.  His soulmate was gone and he was struggling to adjust to the new normal.  Then Friday his stepson came home and found him dead.  Talk about shocking, talk about unreal, it’s all I can do to type the words.

I find comfort knowing that Amy and Jeff are in heaven together.  While it’s the end of their love story on earth, in heaven it’s just the Beginning!  I love you Jeff and Amy, and one day I’ll see you again!

2014-08-17 23.12.38

C.S. Lewis said

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

When words aren’t needed

A week or so ago I captured this picture of my son.

2014-07-21 10.52.34

Lost in his own world playing with Legos.  The house could have toppled around him and he wouldn’t have cared!  He was in his world.  We had just recently purchased a bunch of plain blocks, not in any set, just building blocks and he was having a time.  He was looking at the pictures on the box and recreating what he saw.  No words, no instructions, just look and build!  Isn’t that what Legos are all about?  Letting children (and adults) step into the world of imagination and just build!  I know Seth is a visual learner, most kids with Autism are, but here he was just a typical kid playing with Legos.  It’s rare to find something that bridges the typical into the Autism world, but Legos have done it!  He could sit, or perch, as he is in this picture, for hours on end and create until his imagination runs out of ideas.  Knowing my son, that will be never!

Sad news

I haven’t posted in awhile and I should have update ya’ll.  My sweet friend Amy passed away on June 24, 2014.  While she is no longer with us her spirt will remain.  She was a strong woman and a sweet friend.  I’m a better person for knowing her.  Please keep her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers!

Calling all prayer warriors!


Calling all prayer warriors online now would you please stop and take a moment and pray for my friend Amy?  I don’t have a lot of details, but God knows the need.  Amy is fighting stage 4 colon cancer.  She has been in the hospital since Tuesday and at this point they have called the family together.  Please hold her in prayer.  Her family and I trust God’s perfect will to be done. They just need our prayers right now!

Thank you all!